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Superchain Identity names are: @boxdomains DNS domains that work as @ensdomains Powered by 3DNS, on @Optimism 💪
You can now trade Superchain identity subdomains on @ensvision 🫡
Trade your Superchain Identity on leading NFT marketplaces like @Element_Market & @opensea. You can trade your Superchain Identity on any marketplace that supports @Optimism
Manage your domains directly from the 3DNS app —
It's finally here! 🔴✨ Register your Superchain Identity at
True DeFi uses onchain domains and is hosted on a decentralized frontend.
If you’re serious about upgrading your domains security, move it to 3DNS. Protect your community, users and stakeholders. Not your keys, not your domain. Transfer your domain to 3DNS today.
Domains on web2 registrars are stored in a companies database, secured by their support team and security practices. With 3DNS, your domains are managed onchain, secured by your private key. On top of this, you can permission through IAM and secure with @safe.
Web2 registrars are like custodians in crypto. We’ve all learned the perils of custodial services from the last cycle, and we’re beginning to see similar cracks in the custodial domain world.
The Squarespace hacks exemplify the urgency of moving domains onchain. A domain is one of the most important components of any project. It’s the gateway to the app and a core trusted piece of infrastructure by the community.… 🧵
Transfer them to DM us, we'll white glove your transfer. - Domains are onchain and secured by your private key - No social engineering risk, like from Squarespace or other domain platforms. - Nameserver forwarding to cloudflare - IAM - Multisig soon

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Use 3DNS domains for custom handles on decentralized social networks like Bluesky.

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